Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daycare/ returning to work brain dump

We're attending our daycare orientation next Monday, and I'll be headed back to work next Wednesday, so I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to prepare and what questions I should ask at the orientation.  Comments and suggestions are very much welcome!


Here's a list of things we are told the little ones need:

  • Blanket
  • Diapers, wipes, diaper cream
  • Clean bottles for each feeding
  • Two changes of clothes
  • Pacifier
  • Milk
Here are thing things I'm thinking about or think I need to ask the daycare provider:
  • At night Scott sleeps in a fleece sack thing, should we bring that rather than a blanket?  He doesn't nap in one (just regular clothes downstairs where it's warmer), but that's his usual "sleep" outfit.  If we do bring a blanket, should we do something to make it smell like home?  If so, what?  Let him sleep on top of it for a few nights?  Have Daniel and I sleep with it so it smells like us?
  • The center is fine with cloth diapers.  Should we bring our own trash can/ wet bag to transport the diapers back and forth?
  • Bottles/milk.  This is one I'm having a hard time with.  Right now when Scott takes a bottle, he's been eating about 3 - 4oz.  I've pumped several 2.5oz bottles and several 5oz bottles that are hanging out in the freezer.  I can divide some into 4oz bottles, but I'm concerned about waste.  I hate to think about 1oz getting chucked if he only wants 3oz at a feeding or - even worse - 3.5 oz getting chucked if he wants just slightly more than one bottle.  I'm going to ask at the orientation, but does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with this?
  • The center gives out sheets to parents so parents can let the daycare provider know how sleep/eating was over night - should we take home a bunch of those so we can fill them out in the am before we leave?
  • What's the best way to minimize the trauma (to me more than him, I'm guessing) of leaving him for the day?  I'm sure just getting away quickly, especially if he's crying, but does anyone have any suggestions for ways to make it easier/better at first?
Can you think of other things I should think about or ask?????


Really the only thing I'm concerned about with work is pumping.  Fortunately I have my own office where I can close the door to have privacy, and I'm borrowing a mini-fridge so I can store the milk without worrying about anyone trying to use the "plastic baggy of funny-tasting coffee creamer".  I'm planning to bring those little plastic storage bags for pumping rather than transporting bottles and bringing some sterilizing wipes/bags to make clean up easier.  I've seen it suggested that it's a good idea to buy extra pump parts to leave at work so there's one less thing to remember.  It looks like it's about $30 to buy the two suction parts and another $10 to buy the tubing (I probably don't need to bring tubing because I don't clean it like I do the other parts that actually come into contact with the milk) so that is probably a good investment...

Anything else that I should think about with pumping/ other work related issues???  Thanks in advance!        

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  1. I have SO been there and done that. And at the same work place, too! A good thing to remember.... putting a note on the door and locking it will not prevent people from using their keys to open your office to leave something on your desk. For some reason, the sign and the "Whirrrr-splop" sounds coming from under the door make them think you are out for lunch and not pumping. It's best to make sure that your sign is BIG and covers the lock. I'm pretty sure at least three people on our floor have now seen me topless.

    As for bringing breast milk to the daycare, I suggest freezing 2-3 one or two ounce baggies for the provider to keep in her freezer along with 3 four oz baggies for her freezer. That way, if he just needs topping off, they can warm an ounce and if you forget one day to bring ANY, well, you're covered.

    For diapers, do provide a wetbag. I always did... well, not always. My second provider was already washing her own son's cloth diapers so I just provided her with a dozen prefolds and four covers plus a snappi. She washed and dried my diapers with hers. It was a bit luxurious, to never have to tote stinky nappies home. I will be forever grateful to her! But with our first, I provided a wetbag and it came home full each night. I had two and rotated.