Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Thank you to everyone who joined our Meal Train and brought us dinners over the last few weeks (and a special thanks to Jenny for organizing it).  It was wonderful to just have one less thing to think about while we were getting used to being new parents.  Although I've learned to do a lot of things while holding a baby and nursing a baby, cooking over a hot stove while jiggling Scott is not a skill I plan on trying to master.  The other bonus is that we have a stockpile of leftovers in the freezer that will be perfect for quick dinners once I go back to work.  And there was only one dinner that someone made that we thought was totally disgusting.  Just kidding... it was all very good.  Thanks again!

Credit: Funny pictures of food
2. Here's hoping we've come through the coldest days of the year.  Yesterday the high was 8 and the low was -8.  And that's without taking into account the windchill, which was dipping into the negative double digits.  I know it's cold all over the country so stay warm out there, people!  Don't forget your gloves and hat.

3. Confessional time: I've started doing things that I know would horrify Scott if he knew about them (or if I told him when I was older).  First (and this started awhile ago), I started picking his nose when he gets a monster booger.  Second, I've gone to the bathroom while wearing him in the Ergo.  It's way more disruptive to him if I take him out, and I figure it's not that much different than when I was still carting him around inside me.  Third, yesterday morning I ended up changing his diaper while completely naked.  I was just about to get in the shower when he started crying, and, because I'd just fed him, I thought the problem was most likely diaper related.  I didn't want to deal with getting dressed again (I'd been wearing sweaty workout clothes) so I just ran downstairs, did the diaper change, put him in the swing to keep him happy for a few minutes, and got in the shower.  Fourth, now that he's chunked up quite a bit, I have a new nickname for Scott: Potato.

Mommy's favorite potato.

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