Thursday, January 31, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Two about returning to work.  One that's just interesting.

1. Yesterday was my first day back at work and it went really well.  I shed some tears Tuesday night, but it was go-go-go getting ready in the morning, and by the time I stopped to think about being at work and away from Scott, I realized that, actually, everything was fine.  It also helped that I was working on a presentation for next week, which is something I enjoy doing.  He had a good day with his Nana (Daniel's mom), and I had a good day being out of the house and interacting with other adults.

The tough part actually came at the end of the day when it felt like we barely had any time together before it was time to go to bed - and that was with help with cooking and laundry.  I don't necessarily feel guilty about spending time away from him - he doesn't have a clue who I am - but I feel sad because I miss him and miss spending time with him.  I carried him around with my constantly for 8 months and then spend most of my maternity leave either rocking him or carrying him (I know, I know... just add it to the list of things I shouldn't have done) and, even though our interactions were pretty limited, I do miss that presence.

Which leads me to...

2. I should have a chaperon when I go to Target - especially when I'm feeling emotional distress*. I stopped by for "just a few essentials" right after we had our daycare orientation came home with this

and this.

I have no excuses.  None.

3. The UW news had an interesting blurb about blood donation for pets and other large animals.  Did you know that dogs have 8 different blood types?

*There was nothing wrong with the daycare or the orientation, I was just in selfish, "My baby is all mine and I don't want to share him" mode.

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