Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scott's memory box

As a first-time mom, it was only fitting that I kept approximately 1 million things to commemorate Scott's birth, and I would need something to collect them in.

I looked around for memory boxes at Target and on Amazon, but I didn't see anything I liked so I decided to order one from Etsy.  The box is larger than a legal-sized piece of paper and is wood with decoupage decoration.  Here's the outside.  The text on the bottom says, "baby boy".

Here's the inside of the lid.  The text says "Baby mine" and some other baby-related words and phrases.

And here's the inside of the box.

The contents of the box includes the front page of the newspaper that lists his birth announcement.  It just occurred to me that we didn't get a copy of the paper from the day he was actually born.  Ooops.

His birth announcement is the second item in the center column:

Then we have his footprints taken when he was born and the little card that was in his crib at the hospital plus the booklet where we had to record all his feedings and diaper changes (yeah, I know...).

I also have all his "before birth" photos.  Here's the ultrasound from when I was 8-weeks pregnant with him.  I remember being so so so so happy to see that little flickering heart!

And the 20-week ultrasound.

See any resemblance to the real deal?

Honestly, I don't.  I still think the ultrasound looks like "generic face", but again, I remember how excited I was to see that little generic face (and find out he was a boy).

I also kept his and our hospital bands:

I have all the cards we were given from friends and relatives.

And the book of advice from co-workers.

I also have a baby book for him, which we need to fill out (!!!) but that will be another post.  Everything fits in there neatly with the newspaper on top.

I know I'll go back through everything a million times as he grows up, but I hope that as he gets older, he'll be a little bit interested in it, too.  I mean, little kids love hearing stories about themselves, right?  

Anyway, I love the box idea because it doesn't take much effort (just throw things in there) and allows me to hold onto all his baby stuff indiscriminately without having it be all over or risk it getting ruined.  We'll save that for when he gets a hold of it and decides to go through it all by himself when he's 2. 

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  1. What a cute memory box - Etsy is so amazing!