Friday, January 18, 2013

I work out

The rundown:

Sa - 4mi!!!!!! I meant to do 2 x 1.5 mi, but I was feeling great, so I just kept going.
Su - Rest
M - 3mi walk (trying to not let myself get injured by doing too much too soon) + Shred level 1
T - 2mi run
W - Rest from running/walking but I did an upper body P90X workout (thx, Kerri)
R - 4 x 1 mi intervals
F - 3mi walk + upper body P90X workout (???)

All runs/walks were done on the treadmill.  It's not so bad when you have the appropriate entertainment.

I started watching How I Met Your Mother about a year ago (maybe more???) while I was using the treadmill and I'm about the finish the 7th season (the last season on Netflix).  It'll be the end of an era.  Any suggestions for another show with a lot of episodes that's fairly entertaining and easy to follow (sometimes it's hard to actually hear the dialogue)?

What else???

We've been doing pretty good about getting up in the morning.  Scott has been pretty reliable about getting up once after 3.5 - 4 hours so it's been working out to go to bed about 8 - 9 hours before we want to get up and working out after I give him his first morning feeding.

My weight was up slightly this week (133 lbs) but I actually blame it on starting to workout again.  I've noticed I usually lose a pound or so of water weight when I take a break from exercising so I'm not surprised it went the other way.  In a victory for self-control, I didn't eat any junk food yesterday.  YAY!

Well, the babe is stirring.  Gotta run!

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