Monday, January 14, 2013

The Baby Scott Review

It's been an exciting week.

Scott turned 1 month old: 

He did some scholarly reading (I was amazed, but he really did seem to be looking at the pictures in the book):

He got his first piece of mail:

We took advantage of the warm weather to bundle up and take a walk:

And he discovered that the pacifier *might* be his friend (jury is still out).

He's been cluster feeding in the evening, which worried me for a little while (I was concerned my milk supply was too low) until I read that it was normal at his age, and I'll tentatively say he's going for longer periods of time between meals at night.  He's also mastered latching on quickly when he wakes up at night so we've been experimenting with nursing laying on our sides.  I don't actually mind feeding him at night that much, but having to sit up to do it feels like torture.  I mean, if you described nursing at night - someone comes into your room in the middle of the night and screams for you to wake up, then makes you sit in a crouched over position while they suction your chest for a 1/2 hour - it sounds like a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Edited to add: I spoke too soon.  Last night was one of his worst on record.  No amount of feeding, diaper changing, soothing, or pacifier insertion on the part of either one of us could calm him down last night.  As far as I could tell the thing he really wanted was to come sleep in our bed with us.  And I let him.  Please don't report me to the authorities.

On the agenda for this coming week is to experiment with taking a bottle!  

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