Friday, January 25, 2013

Here it goes again

You forgot how much you liked that video, didn't you?

Here's the rundown:
Sa - 4 mi at 10:30/mile
Su - P90X back and biceps DVD
M - 3 mi at 10:30/mile
T -  3 mi walk + Shred level 2
W - 3 mi at 9:30/mile (this was my "speed" day, although it was actually pretty easy)
R - 3 mi walk
F - Not sure exactly... Yoga?  Shred?  Just cleaning up the house with Scott in the carrier?  Not feeling super pumped to work out this morning.

Now that I'm feeling comfortable stringing together a few miles at a time, I'm trying to get the pace back up to what is normal for me (somewhere in the 9:00-9:20 min/mile range for an easy run).  It's tempting to go crazy adding in a bunch of miles, but I'm trying to keep things sane and NOT GET INJURED.

Since I'm already up to 4 mi and have about 8 weeks to go, I'm considering running the Shamrock Shuffle 10k again this year.  I've run this race every year we've lived in Madison except last year when I volunteered instead.  It's a tough course - there's a monster hill in the middle that you run over twice (out at back) - and I don't have any expectation of running even close to my normal pace, but I still think it would be a fun way to say, "Welcome back" to running.

In other news, while I was not junk food-free, I limited my consumption to a few treats and didn't spend the evenings mindlessly noshing on Hershey Kisses.  In what will be a surprise to no one who has ever heard a lecture on thermodynamics or watched an episode of The Biggest Loser, my weight dropped back down to 132 lbs this week and my pants are fitting better.  Woot.    

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