Monday, January 21, 2013

Mr. Scott

This has been a much better week as far as sleeping and general fussy/grumpiness.  HOWEVER, Scott hit 6 weeks old today, which seems like it's a notoriously difficult time for both moms and babies (baby is hungry allthetime), so I'm bracing myself for my angel to turn into a gremlin for awhile.

6-weeks old (as of 3:39 this afternoon)!

It's been a big week for us with several new developments:

  • His newborn clothes no longer fit.
  • I had to buy size 1 disposable diapers because the newborn size we brought home from the hospital no longer fit (Jessica - you are welcome to have our extra diapers for Peyton), and I had to let out his diaper covers so they would be larger
  • Scott did his first (and only - so far) baby push-up

  • He took his first pumped bottle (bringing the total to 3 now - one each day Friday - Sunday) given by Daddy.  Since he's not been a fan of pacifiers, we weren't sure how it would go, but it turns out that food is always welcome.  Note - Daniel was about to workout when I took this picture, which explains the wardrobe choice.

  • I was not there to witness it, but Daniel said that, for the first time, when he had his bath on Saturday he didn't scream bloody murder. 
Sooo... wish us luck as we enter this week - especially because it's super cold and Daniel has the car so we are home-bound.  It's my last full week home with Scott, and I hope I'm able to appreciate our remaining time together as much as it deserves.  I can't believe my tiny baby is not so tiny anymore!

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