Sunday, January 15, 2012


Remember back in algebra II when you were learning about sine curves, and you had to do a project where you started with your birthday and tracked it forward to the present day to see what your emotional, mental, and physical levels were?  No.  Just me?

Anyway, now you can have a computer do it for you (although the graphics from this site are a nice throwback to 1997, when I would have been learning algebra II).  You can also plot the biorthyms for certain celebrities.  Maybe you want to make sure you stalk Kim Kardashian on a low wisdom, high passion, low physical (so she can't get away) day.

Here are my biorhythm charts for today:

When I looked at the first graph and saw physical near the bottom, I was not surprised.  Although I got all my chores done, yesterday was a day of epic laziness.  I decluttered exactly nothing and I spent most of the afternoon reading the latest issue of the Atlantic and watching episodes of Mad Men on Netflix.  And I just didn't care.

Today is an epic day of driving Daniel out to play with the church band, driving back to cover for someone doing set-up at church downtown, and then driving back out to the west side to get him and take him back to school.  This is one of those (admittedly few) days I wish we had two cars.  If it was warmer I could just bike downtown and all our problems would be solved, but I'm definitely not hard core enough to bike on snowy roads in 20 degree weather.

On the menu last night:
Daniel was at school working on a paper, so I opted for a spinach salad (so I could feel 1% healthy) and some homemade ice cream with crushed up mint chocolate cookies.  The ice cream was pretty good.  Not a really strong vanilla flavor, but good creaminess factor.

I work out:
75 min vinyasa yoga class.

Joseph, when it comes to meeting his brothers again: He's hot and he's cold.  Ye's yes and he's no.  He's in and he's out.  He's up and he's down.

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  1. All this time I had no idea that Katy Perry was singing about the Bible.