Saturday, January 14, 2012

On the agenda

  • Yoga class.  I *considered* going out for a short run this morning, but it's 12 degrees, which doesn't sound so bad as I'm typing it, but it's right on that dividing line between "okay to run" and "would be 30 minutes of me hating my life".  So niet, comrade. - Please don't ruin the nice weather by suggesting that we go outdoors
  • Baby dedication ceremony(?).  Our church doesn't do infant baptism so we are going to whatever the equivalent is for the baby of a friend.  Several couples are participating including a woman Daniel knows from the church band so it should be interesting.
  • Culver's for lunch.  Not the healthiest thing in the world, but a Saturday tradition.
  • Clean and declutter.  Going to do some catch up with the declutter calendar and maybe go through some winter clothes for donation/resale.
  • Practice piano.  Have a I mentioned that I'm learning to play this?:
  • Call my parents.
  • Eat last night's leftovers from Chili's for dinner.  Thanks to my aunt and uncle for the gift card.
  • Make "blizzards".
  • Watch Fantastic Mr. Fox/ Portlandia.  And hopefully knock out a few snowflakes for my afghan.

On the menu last night: 
Chili's tortilla chips and fajitas thanks to a gift card from my aunt and uncle.

I work out:
Some time on the elliptical (the roads were still kind of nasty for driving to yoga).

Operation decultter:
On the docket for today.

Joseph interprets pharaoh's dream.

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