Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't say it...

Lake Superior State University's list of words that should be banned from the English language.

A few noteworthy examples:

Received the most nominations. LSSU was surprised at the number of nominations this year for "amazing" and surprised to find that it hadn't been included on the list in the past. Many nominators mentioned over-use on television when they sent their entries, mentioning "reality" TV, Martha Stewart and Anderson Cooper. It seemed to bother people everywhere, as nominations were sent from around the US and Canada and some from overseas, including Israel, England and Scotland. A Facebook page – "Overuse of the Word Amazing" – threatened to change its title to "Occupy LSSU" if 'amazing' escaped banishment this year…


Although nominated by many over the years, this phrase came in as a close second to "amazing" this year.


"'Occupy Wall Street' grew to become Occupy 'insert name of your city here' all over the country. It should be banished because of the media overuse and now people use it all the time, i.e. 'I guess we will occupy your office and have the meeting there.' 'We are headed to Grandma's house – Occupy Thanksgiving is under way." Bill Drewes, Rochester Hills, Michigan
"It has been overused and abused even to promote Black Friday shopping." Grant Barnett, Palmdale, California
"Why couldn't they have used a more palatable kind, like pecan or peach?" Bob Forrest, Tempe, Arizona


"Can a human being truly be a parent to a different species? Do pet 'owners' not love their pets as much pet 'parents' do? Are we equating pet ownership with slave holding? This cloyingly correct term is capable of raising my blood sugar. Lynn Ouellette, Buffalo, New York
And a couple more I'd add:

Used to mean exactly the opposite of what the word means.  "He was literally drowning in dirty Kleenex."  No.  That is impossible.


People keep saying this and I don't know what they mean, and I don't think they know what they mean.  It's sort of a generic thing to call someone/something who does something good or is lucky???  I think????

Any other nominations?

On the menu last night: 
Quizno's run so we could stop by Target for a new snow shovel for the snow we may or may not get.

I did use our ice cream maker for the first time.  It's currently hardening for weekend Blizzard-making.

I work out:
Vinyasa yoga class.

Operation declutter:
Yesterday's task was to clean out under the bed.  I only keep out of season clothing under the bed, and it's not really time to go through that now, so I took the evening off.  My night stand is very tidy.

Joseph was sold by his brothers and is hanging out in Egypt.

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