Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kid stuff

So I started reading The Hunger Games a few days ago, and I'm totally into it.  Who knew the whole teen dystopian adventure romance genre could be so entertaining?  I'd consider seeing the movie when it comes out on Netflix.

I think it's funny that, because as a rule people in high school are weird looking, filmmakers always hire much older actors to play those roles.  I mean, am I really supposed to believe these people are high school aged?  That guy is like 28!

 Okay, I just looked on Wikipedia and the actor is only 19, but you have to admit, he looks way older in that picture.  Anyway, the point is that no one- not even people in high school- what to see a romantic scene played out by actual people in high school.

Last night we watched a kids' movie that wasn't a kids' movie based on a book that I don't think was really a kids' book either: Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I definitely recommend it.  It was very entertaining.  Daniel described it as being in the "when hipsters get a hold of children's stories" genre (see also, the new Muppet movie).  I read almost all the Roald Dahl books when I was a kid (maybe that explains something about my personality today, I'm not sure) but not this one.  In fact, I think I remember a friend not being allowed to read it.  Not sure exactly why that was... I can see it being a bit violent.

Finally, we're going to an open house at the local progressive elementary/middle school for no other reason than we are curious about it.  Daniel knows a guy who sends his kid there and a woman who teaches there, so hopefully we won't come across creepy.  It's never too early to plan for your kids future- even pre-conception!  I sort of feel like we are that couple with the braces and the dog in therapy from Best in Show.

We'll try not to coordinate our outfits.

On the menu: The snow chilled out last night (and I forgot to start our slow cooker) so we went to Panera.
I work out: 60 minute vinyasa yoga class.
Bible: The Passover.

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  1. loved the hunger games. i was surprised i got so into a young adult book as well!

    ugh. this snow. we cancelled plans for dinner at samba because of it. and we got jimmy johns instead....