Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolution recap

It was kind of funny to go back and look at my new years resolutions from 2011.  I'd actually forgotten what and how many I'd made.  It's great to put things in writing but if you never look at them again... well... they don't do much good.  Anyway- it's interesting to see what was important to me this time last year and how things actually played out.

1. Try one new vegetable or way to prepare vegetables per week. - I'm sure I didn't actually do this but participating in the CSA helped us try a lot of things (beets, kale, chard, ground cherries) that I never would have picked up in the store.  Some things were nasty (beets) but others (kale chips) turned out to be quite good. 

2. Have one social dinner every month. - Although I don't have the documentation to prove it, I'm pretty sure I met this goal.  I'm an introvert by nature, and I can get kind of wishy washy about social situations, but 99% of the time I have a good time when I go.  We still don't have the space to host very well, but one day...

3. Write one blog post a day every day I am home. - Um... nope.  That's okay, though.  Sometimes I feel like writing and sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I think I'll quit blogging altogether because it's kind of a time suck for someone who already spends too much time on the computer, but I do like having the ability to look back over time and share things with family who live far away. 

4. Up the intensity of my interval training. - I did over the winter and it looked like this year would be a good one for running, but life took a turn and this was a goal that just didn't make sense after a certain point.  It was exciting to see how hard training does pay off (imagine that...) and I know I'll get back into shape one of these days.

5.  Connect with one person I don't talk to regularly each week. - Boo... no on this one, too.  It kind of makes me sad. 

As I said yesterday, this year I'm jumping on the no resolution bandwagon.  I do like the idea of setting one goal a month (or maybe even in smaller time periods) because it gives the sense of forward progress without being tied down to some thing(s) that seemed like a great idea on Jan 1 the year before.  Life happens while you're busy making other plans and all.  

January's goal is a simple one.  Our church has challenged all its members to read the Bible in one year, and I want to stick with the scheduled reading plan for this month.  Since this is supposed to last all year, I wanted to see what the time commitment was going to be before I added anything else to my schedule.  

I love how the new year brings a sense of promise and a clean slate.  How did your new years resolutions from last year turn out?  I'm enjoying seeing the big plans people are making for 2012.

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  1. It is fun to look over the past years goals... Find it funny that it took about FOUR years for me to finally check SLEEP off the list!! Love the goal of the Bible in a year - I still have my "study bible" from like 8th grade, and would love to return to tackling it little by little. :)