Friday, January 6, 2012


Coming back from a long trip to see friends and family is always bittersweet.

Bitter because there's so much excitement in the planning leading up to a trip.
Bitter because you remember things you didn't even know you missed (I'm looking at you, Chick Fil A).
Bitter because your appreciation for your family increases directly with the number of miles between you.

Sweet because you realize there's a place you really consider home that is different from where you grew up.
Sweet because you appreciate your job and the things that keep you busy from day to day.
Sweet because you have memories to last you until the next time.

I'm not sad that I don't live in Florida anymore, but there are definitely things (my family, Publix, wearing shorts on Christmas Day, etc.) that I'd pick up and take with me to Madison if I could.

Do you live near where you grew up?  If you've moved away, what do you miss?  What are you grateful for where you live now?

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