Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't speak

More words/prhases I'd reject from the English language:

Used to describe anything related to young men of questionable repute.  Bro-tastic, cool story bro, bro fist bump, brommunity.  

Credit (I think)

Used to describe something (usually a politician) that's increasing in popularity.  Do you feel the Rom-mentum?  Nope.  Sure don't.

Only one of you is going to puke for three months, grow a new human being, and then give birth to it.  Only one of you is pregnant.


Is there an add for diet pills or plastic surgery that doesn't use this phrase?  Gross.

Anything else you'd add?  I have a feeling that I'll have plenty more as time goes on.  A list of songs that should be rejected from the English language would be fun, too.

On the menu last night:
Noodles.  I was going to cook, but because we need to make the car swap around dinner time (Daniel can't drive to campus on a weekday but he needs it to come home when he's working late at night) it honestly makes sense for us to just get something out.  Hopefully Wednesday things will return to semi-normal.

I work out:
60 minute ashtanga yoga class

Jacob/Israel blesses his sons.  Tomorrow I start Exodus.

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