Saturday, January 28, 2012

On the agenda

  • Blog post
  • Go scrape the ice off the car
  • Hit up Trader Joe's and Target at my very favorite time of day (before anyone else gets there)
  • Go to yoga
  • Go to Culvers
  • Lay on the couch and want to die
Yeah... after contemplating this for awhile, I'm finally pulling the trigger to get off caffeine.  I had a cup of decaf this morning, and I give myself until about 2pm until my brain wants to self destruct.  Wish me luck.

  I love, too.  We can still be friends, okay?


  1. good luck with the caffeine! I have done that a couple of times over the years . . . and always came back!

  2. oy - i hope you don't have too much of a caffeine headache. i'd be worthless if i stopped cold turkey. every time i wean myself off of it, i take about a week to step down to none....