Thursday, January 26, 2012


I hadn't been able to do any laundry since last Thursday, and last night things were getting dicey.  Like, "Do underwear become clean when you turn them inside out?" dicey.  The hot water pipes for our building needed to be replaced, which was going to expose some asbestos, which meant we weren't allowed in the laundry/storage area until the job was complete.  There was a big intimidating sign on the door to KEEP OUT.

But I kept trying.  Saturday... no luck.  Sunday... no luck.  Monday, Tuesday... no luck.  The laundry room wasn't supposed to be closed for THAT long... So I trekked around to the other entrance to the basement and, sure enough, the sign was taken down on that side.  The genius contractors forgot to take down all the "do not enter" scary warnings on our end of the building, and genius me didn't realize that for almost an entire week.  Anyway, I was able to get four huge loads done last night so we can be presentable in the ER if either of us gets hit by a bus.

Also, every time we go to Target, this green whale thing freaks me out.  Evidently it is a candy dish???
Did Target hire Timothy Leary as one of its new designers?   I can just imagine this thing chasing you, trying to gobble you up during a bad LSD trip.

On the menu: We went to the always fabulous Inka Heritage for restaurant week on Tuesday.  If you live in Madison and have never been, I highly recommend it- restaurant week or not.

I work out: Some gym, some yoga.  Same ol', same ol'.

Bible: The Ten Commandments.

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