Thursday, January 19, 2012

When the mercury drops below 0:

  • Outside is about the same temperature as your freezer.
  • Cold registers as pain.
  • Any exposed skin burns.
  • You will do ANYTHING not to be outside.
  • Your car doesn't want to start.
  • The steering wheel is still an ice cube even though the heater has been on for 15 minutes.
  • Locks are tough to open and close.
  • Your pants offer no protection from the wind.
  • Your fingers and toes go numb in the 5 minutes you spend waiting for the bus.
  • That calf-length down parka seems like a great investment.
  • If you are foolish enough to try to run, it will be hard to breathe.
  • Your lungs will burn.
  • Every part of your face that secretes liquid will.
  • And then it will freeze.
  • The water in your water bottle will freeze.
  • When you come back inside, your legs will turn red and burn as blood flow returns to your skin.
  • You can't believe you ever complained about being hot- except on the bus, which is really hot when you are wearing 5 layers, at least two made out of animal byproducts, and the bus driver is in shirtsleeves.
  • You hate everyone who wanted it to snow and be cold.
  • You count the days until you can move back south.

On the menu last night:
Spaghetti Bolognese, inspired by a recipe from Real Simple (which I can't find on the website right now).  I subbed in mushrooms for carrots and celery because I think carrots and celery in spaghetti sauce is strange.

I work out:
60 minute vinyasa yoga class

Moses comes back to Egypt to rescue the Israelites.  Pharaoh is a punk.