Wednesday, January 18, 2012


More than 1 million signatures were collected for the recall Walker effort.  Obviously there are a few "Santa Claus" and "Mickey Mouse" and duplicates that will have to be tossed out, but it well surpasses the number needed to force the recall and even the dream goal of 700,000.

We got our first pro-Walker material in the mail yesterday.  I'm sure that it was sent to every household, but it seemed funny to canvas an apartment complex where 1.Most people can't vote and 2.The people living there were arguably some of the hardest hit by his controversial policies.  Whatever.  Now we just need someone to come to our rescue and run against him. 

On the menu last night: 
Um... taco salad.  BUT I did put together some Bolognese sauce to cook in the crock pot today so we can have a real dinner tonight now that Daniel is finished with his paper.

I work out:
3.2mi in 30 minutes and some weights

God speaks to Moses through the burning bush.


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