Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apartment update

The move-in process is in full swing.  I'm at the point where I swear our stuff is secretly multiplying in the closets because every time we take another car load to the new apartment I think, "We have to be getting close to done," but when we return there's still so so so so so much left to do.

We moved almost all of our kitchen items to the new place yesterday, and this morning I turned on the water and started running everything through the dishwasher.  This is so gross that I can't believe I'm admitting it on the internet (although the only 3 people who will read it are people who already know this is true) but our current kitchen has horrible ventilation and honestly, a lot of our cups and bows and things are... sticky... with a stickiness that is not easily removed through hand washing.  And we have incredibly hard water.  (As a side note, all our good china is in those cloth china protector things so it hasn't gotten gross like our regular dishes).  Anyway, I was delighted to stop by after church and find that all the cups, plates, etc. that I'd put thorough the dishwasher were really actually finally clean.  I'm planning to wash EVERYTHING that can be washed before I put it away.

The apartment to do list is evolving.  I got to check one item off the list (getting the keys) and added a few new items in blue.

  • Sign lease and e-mail back to landlords
  • Receive copy of signed lease back
  • Send in security deposit and post-dated rent checks (I was afraid I'd forget when baby brain really started to set in)
  • Get keys to new apartment (done 8/18)
  • Put in 90-days notice at current apartment
  • Pay final rent to current apartment
  • Schedule movers
  • Get coupon for movers from friend or buy a Bucky Book
  • Transfer utilities
  • Turn on water
  • Turn on internet
  • Buy TV antenna/ digital converter box/ thing that will play Netflix movies
  • Voyage to Ikea
  • Futon???
  • Kitchen table Computer desk
  • Update address with services/ put in change of address with post office
  • Figure out how to watch something/ listen to music while using treadmill in garage
  • Pack and move small stuff
  • Have movers take over big stuff
  • Clean current apartment
  • Unpack at new apartment
  • Wash and put away dishes
  • Transfer renter's insurance to new place
  • Finish taking out trash at new apartment (long story...)
  • E-mail new address
  • Update address on magazine subscriptions
  • Donation to St. Vinny's

We'll plan to take another load over tonight - hopefully everything from the storage unit plus more random odds and ends- and put away and wash one more load of dishes.  Even though it's a lot of work to get everything moved and unpacked, I think we both agree that it's going to be very nice living there.  

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