Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Baby To-Do List

With approximately 19.5 more weeks before the baby comes, it's time to do some serious planning and thinking about what needs to be done.  Some of this can't be completed until after we move or until later on in the year, but some of it (interview at home daycare providers, ugh) is crying out to be checked off the list.  I know there will be plenty more to add, but in general order of when things need to be finished:

  • Have 20-week ultrasound and find out gender - done!
  • Read books about baby care, labor, child development, etc.
  • Create a will???
  • Call in-home daycare providers and interview
  • Update address with daycare centers once we move
  • Call daycare centers/providers back in Nov. to see where we stand on wait lists
  • Add baby to insurance
  • Send in OB intake form
  • Call diaper service and decide if that's something we want to do
  • Otherwise research cloth diaper options
  • Attend labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and postpartum care classes at the hospital
  • Choose a pediatrician
  • Research what can be bought (car seat?) at cost from UW health
  • Take car seat to the fire station to have it properly installed
  • Wash baby clothes/bedding
  • Decorate nursery
  • Pack a hospital bag
  • Choose a name
And the things we either need to or think we might want to buy:
  • Car seat
  • Crib (mattress, bedding??)
  • Bassinet/ something for the baby to sleep in when he is very little
  • Dresser to use as changing table, changing pad
  • Futon or other sleeping surface for baby's room
  • Rocking chair?
  • Diapers and changing supplies
  • Nursing pillow
  • Breast pump, bottles, equipment
  • Pack N Play for downstairs
  • Swing/bouncer
  • Swaddling blankets/ sleep sacks
  • Baby sling
  • Stroller 
  • Baby book/ photo album


  1. I saw the question mark near the rocking chair. They are great to have, but if you don't get one, a lot of desk / office chairs can rock, too.

  2. My parents decided to get us one as a baby gift, so we will have one after all. I am excited to start putting together the baby's room in our new apartment. Right now the only things in there are a small box of gift clothes and a breast pump I bought on Craig's List. Not very exciting.