Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

It's the big 3-0!  I actually thought today was going to be totally boring.  My only plans were to go to the gym and to work like normal and to move a few boxes of books to the new apartment and take out the trash there (nothing says responsibility like taking out someone else's trash...).  But when I got to work there was a surprise in store.  My door had been decorated!

But that's not all...  There were balloons...

 Many many many balloons.

I'm sure I'll be getting a lot done today :).

It was such a sweet surprise!  I really appreciated the thoughtfulness and the hard work of the people who brought the balloons (and the ones who will make the balloons go away at the end of the day, hint, hint).

I also opened a few gifts from Daniel last night on my Birthday-eve: two keyboard books and a Big Star CD (not pictured).  He also gave me two cards.  One is birthday-related and the other is related to the big move.

If the rest of this decade is anything like today, I'll be a very lucky girl :).

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