Saturday, August 18, 2012

Good morning

After record high temperatures all summer, I think we hit a record low last night.  It was cold enough over night that I did the "wake up shivering and run around and shut all the windows at 3am" dance, and the Weather Channel reported that it was 47 degrees when I woke up to run.  Not that I'm complaining.  You couldn't ask for much nicer weather for a run, which was good for me during my wimpy 5-miler and good for the people running the Madison Mini Marathon this morning.  The only thing worth saying about my run is that a giant... not a tiny gnat... but a GIANT bug nearly flew into my mouth.

GIANT [source]
Fortunately/unfortunately it got caught in my lips (gross) and I was able to stop and spit it out before it actually got into my mouth and I (gag) might have swallowed it.

I went out to cheer on a friend and her sister who were running the Mini.

YAY! Kerri and Lacey.  Way to go!
I'm so happy for all the runners that the weather has cooperated so nicely.  Especially after the both the Madison and Green Bay Marathons were so hot this spring that they had to be canceled - in whole or in part.  And after Mini runners were soaked by heavy rain last year.  It was fun to cheer everyone on, although I feel like I'm more exhausted from standing and clapping for 45 minutes than some of the runners will be after they finish the race.  

I'm thinking/ hoping that maybe maybe maybe I'll be able to run this race (here's my race report from 2010) next year (the above statement about how out of shape I am currently aside and provided I can request the same weather).  If not, I have my eye on the Haunted Hustle, which is actually my favorite half marathon in town (race report from 2011).  In other local running news, it was announced yesterday that the Madison Marathon will be moved to November in 2013 and the dreaded "run to the airport and run back" course might be changed.  I doubt that training for a marathon is in the cards for me for next year, but I think it's a good idea that they moved the race.  Even though it might be cold and snowy in November, that would be less unpleasant than being baked alive on John Nolen Dr.    

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