Sunday, August 19, 2012

We got the keys!

Our new home sweet home:

There were many days when I wasn't sure this was actually going to come through (including yesterday up until about 4:30pm), but we got the keys to our new place, and we're really really moving!

We took over a load of stuff yesterday and packed the car last night so I could unload more this morning while Daniel was rehearsing at church.  Not bad for an evening's work:

There's rain in the forecast, but I'd love to take one more load over this afternoon (with Daniels' help, he's planning to take the afternoon off).  We have a few boxes of books (mainly books from our childhood) that would be good to take over plus more decorative items that are easy to move.  Moving one car load at a time actually makes the whole thing feel more manageable.  I can't wait to start putting things away and thinking about the nursery!


  1. Yay! We're so excited for you. Some work to do, but it'll be wonderful in the new place! MM

  2. Yes. It's a huge relief just to we're really actually finally able to start moving in.

  3. Your new place looks so cute - looking forward to seeing more pictures of it!

  4. Thanks. I think it's going to feel a lot more like a "real house" - at least once we have all of our stuff in there and organized (and all of their stuff out - but that's another story).