Friday, September 28, 2012

28 weeks

Welcome to the 3rd trimester!  

This week the baby is the size of an eggplant.

He can blink his eyes and is adding more neurons and body fat week by week.  He's supposed to have flipped over so that his head is aimed down now, but I still feel like his kicks are coming in the same place, so maybe he hasn't made the move quite yet.  What's truly amazing is that if - in the worst case scenario - he was born even this early, his chances of survival (with lots and lots of help) are already very good.  Three cheers for modern medicine!

I've been sleeping slightly better this week.  The heart burn is still bad at night, but I've been taking antacids before I go to sleep and then immediately after I wake up in the middle of the night rather than just hoping that it will go away if I drink some water.  I've also started getting heartburn mid-morning and mid-afternoon, but the antacids do the trick, and I figure a little extra calcium can't hurt.  I'm also starting to have some swelling in my lower legs.  I don't think they look bigger, but my socks feel really uncomfortably tight if I pull them up onto my calves where they belong, so I have to fold them down to my ankles.

I'm curious about the next 3 months will bring physically.  The official weigh in this morning showed that I'm up 12.2lbs from pre-pregnancy, right on track to gain the recommended 25ish lbs.  I know I'll get heavier because the baby will spend the next 3 months getting heavier, but he won't actually grow that much longer, so it's hard to guess how much bigger my belly will get.  I have two more weeks until my next OB appointment and then I'll start going every two weeks after that.  It's starting to feel no so far away!  

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