Monday, September 17, 2012


I was planning on writing a thoughtful post about daycare - trying to find the right one, the wait-list hoopla, the fact that I want to cry when I think about leaving my 8-week-old with a stranger to return to work, the fact that I fear I will go absolutely batty spending 8 weeks at home alone in the winter with a tiny baby - but instead I wanted to show you that this exists:


Someone in Madison was selling one on Craigslist, and I thought for about 0.0002 seconds about buying it "for the baby" as a gag gift for Daniel.  If someone asked me to summarize American culture in 2012 in a single image, I think that would be it.  A fat toddler overhead pressing a foam barbell with all the plates on both sides.  What more can be said?

On a more age-appropriate fitness side note, I ran with the belly supporter this morning and it was MUCH more comfortable.    


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