Sunday, September 9, 2012

IMoo Sunday

Like Hippie Christmas, IronMan Sunday is a local end of the summer/beginning of fall tradition around here.  It's something you either love - tons of people, even ones who have no relationship to anyone in the race, come out to see the start or the transitions - or something you hate - it really does mess up traffic downtown and all over campus for a better part of the day.  We were scheduled for our last(!!!) Sunday to set up at church downtown so we were able to watch the end of the swim and the transition to the bike.

IronMan is always impressive, and this year, when I'm more out of shape than I've been since high school, it's even more so.  For me a good three event day would involve walking up and down the stairs a few times, vacuuming, and making dinner.  Heck, there have only been a few isolated points in time in my life that I've been in shape enough to do even 1/3 of an IronMan.  That said, hanging around at the end of one of the segments shows that, even though most of the athletes out there are in top shape, the only real qualification to do IronMan is to have your check clear.  Again, I'm not saying that I'm in any better shape than those people, I just have enough sense to know it.

As for us, we need to leave in 2 minutes to go to singing and a post-signing potluck dinner.  I know I will be a champ in the lifting fork to mouth event.      

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