Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodbye, Eagle Heights

One last look... Dear Apartment, I can only hope you are clean enough to get us at least some of our security deposit back. 

(Those smudges are from the camera lens, not big paint/dirt spots on the closet door and kitchen cabinet.)

We are going over to our old apartment for one last mission tonight... to check the cabinets and closets one final time, lock the windows, sweep out the storage unit, turn in our keys and parking decal and take one more crack at a spot on the wall with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  

It's hard to believe we walked into the same (albeit cleaner) empty apartment four whole years ago.  We lived there for longer than either of us have lived in any single place since we were teenagers.  And as much as I love love love our new place and think it was absolutely the right decision to move before the baby is born, I will miss a few things about EH:
  • The sounds (kids playing and window ACs rattling during the summer, the radiator playing the xylophone and the building life-force during the winter, the marching band during the fall)
  • Being so close to campus
  • Runs and walks in Shorewood Hills and along the Lakeshore Path
  • Cheap rent
There are also plenty of things I won't miss, but I won't get into those now...  

Goodbye, Eagle Heights Apartment.  Thanks for the memories.

And speaking of memories, insert 9/11 memorial here.  Not much to say about that... it's a day we'll all never forget.


  1. Kate Schleitwiler KruizengaSeptember 11, 2012 at 5:28 PM

    I bet you'll get it all back. I was talking to a friend yesterday and said that he used to clean his bike in the living room, leaving massive grease stains on the carpet to the extent that Eagle Heights had to rip it out and replace it when he moved out. He didn't even bother trying to clean at all before moving out either. They gave him 100% of his security deposit back and called it wear & tear. You have to pretty much smash all your windows out to lose your deposit in UW housing.

  2. *sniff* This post was actually emotional for me! The little place made so much sense for you two then and now it is right to move on. We're looking forward to visiting you in your new condo soon! MM

  3. That's promising! Our windows may be a bit dirty, but at least we did not smash them.