Wednesday, September 19, 2012

File this under "Cool, but ultimately a bad idea".

Can you tell the difference between this

and this?

One of them looks like this after two days when mixed with water

and one of them looks like this!

The toy (which admittedly is pretty cool) is called Water Ballz, and I heard about it - not surprisingly- on the news this morning because small children like to eat them, and, unlike gum or marbles that just pass through, these bad boys cause BIG problems.  Evidently the package comes with a warming not to give them to children under 3-years-old, but let's be honest, they look a whole lot like gum.  (In fact, they looked a lot like jelly beans on the news).

It reminds me of old the SNL skit for Petchow brand rat poison.

Yes, we should all read the packages of things we buy, but seriously...

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