Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting there

We made some major progress getting things unpacked and organized this weekend.  Daniel was actually the super hero who made all of this possible:

He got our TV* mounted above the fire place, did some surgery to the back of a bookcase so it could hold all of our electronic gadgetry, and lugged allllll the books (but ask him who 95% of those books belong to) back downstairs so I could put them in the bookshelves.  Both of us were amazed at how well this turned out.  It's not Southern Living, but it doesn't look like "my first college apartment" either.    

Having the TV hooked back up again allowed us to catch up on some Netflix watching last night - we have a bunch of Hitchcock movies in our queue - with Dial M for Murder and have Strangers on a Train on tap for tonight.

*Yes, we finally bought a flat screen TV when we found out that it would cost almost half as much to get an antenna and converter box for our massive square one.  I'm still not sure what we're going to do with it.  Anyone want a really heavy TV that was manufactured the year I learned to drive?


  1. Very cute - looks like home sweet home!

  2. Very nice! It's a lovely fireplace, too. MM