Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If I had a million dollars...

I would spend it on trendy luxury baby furniture.

Like this Joya Rocker:

So sleek and modern, and I love the white.  At $900, I'm sure that material is washable, right?

Or a neon-green designer high chair.  Smashed peas will blend right in.

Maybe a sweet orange baby seat that you can buy with a clear base so it looks like the seat is hovering in the air:

And why get a Bumbo when you can buy a Kapsule Chair?  I can only guess what horrors I would find stuffed in that capsule hole.  "So... where is your bug collection?"

Forget boring lights, I'd go all out with a dachshund light:

And one of these cool bendy armed lamps:

Finally, for the late nights, I'd buy a classy futon for between-feeding snoozes.

Anyone want to be my generous anonymous benefactor?

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