Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Randomness

It's hard to believe it's already afternoon on Saturday!  It takes about 4 times as long for 1pm to get here on a week day (unless I have to give a talk the next day, then it takes about 5 minutes).

I've been fairly productive so far.  I got in a 4mi walk around the neighborhood and saw 16!!!!! turkeys in a flock grazing (do birds do that?) in someone's yard.  It was actually kind of intimidating.  If they were a turkey gang and wanted to, they could have taken me down.

Daniel is working today, and I've been busy running errands.  I went back to Eagle Heights with some Resolve to finish up the cleaning job we started last night.  I know in my heart of hearts that we won't get our security deposit back (What incentive does a landlord have to give you back 300 of your dollars that he/she could keep instead?) , but I did want to leave the place looking fairly nice.  We (plus S and K) really scrubbed everything last weekend, and Daniel and I got up most of the dust that was left under our furniture, but there are still some spots... okay a lot of spots... that won't be fixed without a carpet cleaner (which the complex says it will take care of) and a coat of paint.  To console myself, I bought 2 24-month old outfits for baby Moonpie - one with dinosaurs, one with a gator- from the Eagle Heights yard sale for $0.50.

There's still a ton to be done at the new place, too.  Books need to be put away.  The furniture layout needs to be tweaked.  We need to vacuum and mop to pick up all the detritus that's been tracked in.  I need to put in a change of address and figure out where the nearest mail box is (The post office delivers but doesn't pick up here... crazy, huh?) and change things on our renters insurance and order new return address stamps, and give out our address to friends and family, etc. etc. etc.

But instead I'm going to a friends' 1-year-old's birthday party this afternoon at his fancy tea room-type place, which sounds infinitely more fun.    I can't believe she's already 1.  Like I had to go and dig out her birth announcement because I could have sworn she was born at the END of September, but no... it's this weekend.  We bought her this sweet toy flip phone.  It plays sounds when you open it.


Gotta start 'em young.

Have a good Saturday!

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  1. Great sighting! Turkeys most certainly do that...we have them in and around our yard frequently. I thought it was because we're kind of in the country with woods nearby, etc. We enjoy it when we see them. A group of turkeys is technically called a rafter, "although a gang is also an acceptable name," according to Google. You weren't far off at all! MM