Saturday, September 29, 2012

Parenthood changes your life...

We made our first gigantic space-eating educational toy purchase today!  A Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper.  

I have a friend whose daughter loved hers, and she passed along an ad on Craigslist when she saw one for sale.  I have to say - it's pretty impressive.  It was maybe a little dirtier than I would have liked (I couldn't really tell until I got it outside - the seller's house was dirty, too), but I bought it for half the retail value, all the parts and electronics work, and there wasn't anything about it that couldn't be fixed with a good scrub and Lysol-ing.  It's not like our baby isn't going to get it messy anyway.  We plan to keep it downstairs once he gets big enough to use it, I think it will be great to put him in when I need my hands free to cook dinner or fold clothes.    

I've been checking Craigslist every once in awhile, but I need to get on it more regularly.  There was an ad for a swing I'm interested in, too, but by the time I e-mailed about it, it was already spoken for.  I can see how buying baby stuff can be addictive.  Next weekend we're going to Ikea for furniture!


  1. Looks very fun! Okay if I play with it when I come see you?

  2. Absolutely. The stuff that entertains little kids is so bizarre. The first year of your life must be like one long LSD trip.